The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) ear acupuncture protocol utilizes up to five ear points–shen men, sympathetic, kidney, liver, and lung.

The outer ear sends impulses to the brain, which stimulate the release of endorphins, lowers stress and induces relaxation.

ln the 1970’s the NADA protocol was developed to help addicts with their recovery dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, irritability and cravings. Since then, the NADA protocol has been modified and found effective for a wide range of conditions including emotional, physical and psychological stress. The protocol involves applying very small acupuncture needles to 5 specific points in the ear.

Detox NADA Protocol Acupuncture

The ear points:

  • Sympathetic – calms the nervous systems and helps with overall relaxation.

  • Shen Men / “Spirit Gate” – reduces anxiety and nervousness

  • Kidney Point – for calming fears and healing internal organs

  • Liver Point – for detoxification, blood purification and to quell agression

  • Lung Point – promotes oxygenation and aids relaxtion

The Modified NADA protocol is also used in Western acupuncture adding in the heart and spleen points for further stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

  • Heart Point – regulates cardiovascular function

  • Spleen point – facilitates digestion, promotes relaxation

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