Following a detailed health assessment by your consultant, the application of small, sterile acupuncture needles throughout the face, ears, neck and body causes microtrauma to the skin. The trauma then stimulates the production of Collagen and Elastin.  The insertion of the tiny needles stimulates the body’s natural healing response in the area, which leads to a natural increase in circulation of water and oil, Collagen and Elastin, visibly filling out lines and wrinkles.

The stimulation of the body’s own natural repairing mechanisms increases the circulation to the area, this can give a ‘flushed’ complexion. This occurs during and immediately after the treatment. The increase in circulation gives an improved texture and tone to the skin alongside leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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Cosmetic acupuncture

Further Traditional Acupuncture points are inserted to the rest of the body to address any systemic issues, which may be responsible for premature ageing such as stress and anxiety, poor digestive health, hormone imbalance, reduced hydration and poor sleep, as these stresses and imbalances often manifest themselves in the face. Different areas of the face correlate to specific internal organs so that the face is a precise diagnostic tool. So, if you have a problem that repeatedly happens in a certain area of your face, it can indicate an internal health problem. The additional points help to promote general health and wellbeing by facilitating the body’s own natural ability to find balance; homeostasis. Further points can also be added for detox and recovery.

Target area needling is the use of only intradermal needles into the desired target areas such as frown lines, Crow’s feet, Jowls and areas of acne or breakout scarring, rather than using the full facial protocol which treats the whole face and body and underlying systemic causes.

Tiny, hair fine intradermal needles are beneficial and used for treating more specific areas such as Crow’s feet, frown lines and mouth lines. There may be an initial sensation upon insertion of the needle, but this is rarely a painful procedure with most people finding it very relaxing. The needles are left in for around 20 minutes followed by a short facial massage to further enhance circulation, with a full treatment usually lasting around 45-60 minutes. It is recommended that you supply your own preferred facial moisturiser to prevent any adverse reactions to products that you would not usually use.

Treatments can be performed as a one-off facial, however, for maximum benefit, a course of 6-12 sessions are recommended. Courses take several weeks to administer, allowing the body time to rejuvenate independently and build collagen. Results are gradual rather than dramatic, but most clients see noticeable improvements after just 1 session and significant changes after 3. Throughout the course of treatment repeat stimulation of Collagen to target areas results in a sustained accumulation over time leaving you with the desired effect. Following a course of treatment, monthly top up treatments can help maintain the desired effect.

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